Dangerous Foods To Avoid Feeding To Your Dog

Yorkshire puppy eating a tasty dog foodFor many people, a dog is like a close friend. It is tempting to give dogs little bits of human food, because they love it so much. However, it is important to remember that dogs are typically much smaller than humans, and digest food very differently. Foods that are perfectly safe for human consumption can be very dangerous to dogs for one reason or another. Read on for a list of foods to avoid letting your dog get their mouth on, regardless of how much they seem to enjoy it.

First off, anything with high levels of sodium and processed fats can be dangerous for pets. Popcorn is a common culprit here. Dogs love to catch little pieces of microwave popcorn and wolf them down, but even what seems like a small amount of popcorn by human standards can contain enough salt to lead to dehydration in small dogs. If you air pop your popcorn and leave a small bowl completely plan, with no additives, this can be safe for dogs in moderate amounts. However, store bought popcorn and other salty treats like chips and crackers should be kept away.

One surprising toxic dog food is grapes. Grapes, and the raisins made from grapes, can lead to sudden kidney failure in dogs seemingly at random. Veterinarians do not know why this is the case, but autopsies of dogs who died from rapid kidney failure often show grapes or raisins in the stomach. What makes this food even more dangerous is that dogs sometimes eat a bunch of grapes and show no side effects, and sometimes even a small handful of raisins is enough to cause death. Just because your dog has eaten grapes before does not mean they are safe!

Garlic and onion, both very common flavors in human food, are toxic to dogs in all forms. Raw, fresh garlic and onions are dangerous, but so too are all foods with cooked versions, and even food containing garlic or onion powder as a seasoning. Dogs who have eaten garlic or onions show damage to the red blood cells, which makes it more difficult for oxygen to circulate. This can lead to organ or brain damage.

These are just a few of the most dangerous human foods for dogs, but there are many more. When in doubt, keep human food away from your dogs. If you really want to slip them a treat, do a quick internet search first! You may be surprised which foods are dangerous for your pet.

What Pets Is Best For Your Home

We all want to have pets in our home, but the questions is what exactly the type of pets we want that is suitable to our personality, lifestyle and in our home. Most people want to have goldfish, cat or a dog as a common type of pet and widely well known.

A dog is adorable one and if you are living in an apartment, a studio or even in a small house would be very great companion. It could be easily take care as it can be provide comfort and happiness to us. Of course we need to consider a few factors before getting a dog. We need to have a stable place and a good quality of environment.